About Mid Atlantic Processing (MAP), LLC

cropped-map-logo-1-02292016.pngMid Atlantic Processing (MAP), LLC makes payment by checks or credit cards as fast and simple as cash. Founded by Rony Natanzon in 2001 and run by his son-in-law, Marty Taylor, MAP offers you and your customers the fastest, easiest, most advanced solutions for electronic check, credit and debit card processing, backed by some of the industry’s highest levels of service and support.

Want to build a customer loyalty program, use your existing equipment, weigh the benefits of purchasing versus leasing, or switch to a more efficient or cost-efficient check or credit card processing system? Mid Atlantic Processing can help.

From electronic check processing, credit, debit, gift, loyalty, EBT, AMEX or Discover processing, Mid Atlantic Processing can do it all. Together with our affiliates, we can help you manage the risk associated with the acceptance of checks, and help merchants of all sizes increase sales while reducing or even eliminating losses and adding to bottom line profits. Our programs and services have been created based on “real” needs of thousands of retailers nationwide who were tired of being forced to settle for services either geared for others or, even worse, geared only for the vendor to make money.

Our affiliation with one of the top credit card processors in the country allows Mid Atlantic of pass on discounted credit card processing to you. We take the time to understand the needs of each and every merchant rather than forcing our merchants to fit the standard 100% swipe processing style of the typical retail location.

More For Your Clients
If you’re a business consultant who wants to offer more and better services to your retail clients, we can help you, too. We can show you how to expand both your areas of expertise and your bottom line, and support you and your clients every step of the way. To find out more about adding us as a strategic partner for you and your clients, click here.


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